Confidence Crates for Girls

Introducing Confidence Crates—a brand-new subscription box for new members from the Girl Scouts of Western New York (GSWNY)! Confidence Crates were created especially for girls in grades K-2 to boost their creativity, problem-solving skills, and imagination and to help welcome them to Girl Scouts. Read to find out how to sign your girl up to receive them!

Autism Acceptance Month

Guest Post by Gale Juntunen, GSWNY Volunteer Experience Specialist April is Autism Acceptance Month or Autism Awareness Month. There’s no denying that Autism Awareness has increased over the years. However, many still don’t have full awareness. It’s important to note that autism is not a disease, deficit, or […]

Recognizing Deaf History Month 2022

Deaf History Month is a time to commemorate and recognize the accomplishments of people who hard of hearing and deaf. Currently it is celebrated during April. It formerly spanned two months, March 13 to April 15, to include three significant days for the Deaf community: April 15, 1817 […]

April 2022 DEI Celebrations Round-Up

On behalf of the GSWNY Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, every month we’re highlighting different holidays and events that are celebrated by people around the world. Deaf History Month (Formely March 13, Ends April 15; New info from the National Association of of the Deaf (NAD): NEW DATE […]