Top 5 Reasons to Renew Your Girl Scout Membership

We’re entering the final days of our membership year and the pressure is on to make sure your membership is renewed on time. If you’re still holding out, here are some reasons for on-time registration:

5. We’re still giving away prizes

And who doesn’t love prizes!? You can still win one of two $100 Target gift cards to fund your next Target Run!

2018 Registration Incentives

4. You can participate in the Mags and Munchies sale

Before we enter the mania that is Girl Scout Cookie Season, we have an equally delicious fall sale known as Mags and Munchies! The purpose of this sale is to help subsidize Girl Scout programs in Western New York and provide funding to troops. It helps promote literacy through the sale of books and magazines. Plus the munchies aren’t so bad, either – we have nuts and candy to make everyone happy.

New this year is the Buffalo Ranch Pretzel Mix and Almond Butter Cups for our friends with peanut allergies. We have firsthand knowledge that both these treats are delicious.

3. Without an active membership, you can’t register for any of our amazing council programs

We would list all the great programs we have scheduled for this membership year, but we don’t want to make this blog post a million miles long. Check out our Program Guide instead for a complete breakdown.

2019 GSWNY Program Guide COVER

2. You won’t hear from us, meaning you’ll miss all of our communications like upcoming programs, shop sales, and so much more!

We don’t want you to miss out on all of our exciting updates just because you didn’t renew on time!

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Number 1 Reason: You don’t want to miss a second of being a Girl Scout

Do we need to say anything else?

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Renew your Girl Scout membership on-time today!

Girl Scouts Go Outside: The Girl Scout Difference

Girl Scouts don’t go outside. That’s the major difference between Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, right? Boys go camping while girls sell cookies.


For all the seasoned Girl Scouts out there, you know how ridiculous that is. First of all, we don’t just sell cookies. Cookie season is about more than everyone getting their fill of their favorite cookies. It’s the largest girl-run business IN THE WORLD. Through it, the girls learn goal-setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Second of all, Girl Scouts go outside. A lot.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience has four pillars: STEM, life skills, entrepreneurship, and outdoors. Going outdoors is so important to us that it forms one quarter of our foundation. At Girl Scouts of Western New York, we make sure there’s plenty of outdoor programming for our girls.

Summer Camp

We have three different sites where girls can attend programming over the summer, not including our volunteer run Camp Windy Meadows in Niagara County. Whether girls decide to go to resident camp at Camp Seven Hills or Camp Timbercrest or day camp at Camp Piperwood, we have options throughout the council to make sure all our girls can go to camp.

Troop Camping

Whether you choose S.P.P Camping or Core Camping, we have options for our troops. We even offer troop camping training so our co-leaders are ready to take their girls out!

Outdoor Progression Series

Through our Outdoor Progression Series, Girl Scouts can start at the Daisy level and move through a three-level system to become master campers. Each level is designed to teach new outdoor skills until the girls compete in Skills and Chills at the Ambassador level!

Trailblazer Program Series

Similar to our Outdoor Progression Series, this takes girls from Daisies through Brownies and teaches them the skills they need for safe hiking and backpacking. Volunteers are invited too!

Camp Adventure Club

If a Girl Scout wants even more outdoor experiences, she can join Camp Adventure Club for more opportunities like practicing the seven skills of Leave No Trace, learning more outdoor skills, and forming lifelong friendships.

Ropes Challenge Course

Starting at Challenge 1, all levels are welcome to participate. At Challenge 2, it begins with second year Brownies and beyond. From Challenge 3-5, it’s only Juniors through Ambassadors.

These are just the group and series activities. All year long our council is active in a number of other programs, like Me and My Favorite Gal Overnight, Archery Clinic, Earthworks Intro to Winter Wilderness Survival, and more! Check out our 2018-19 Program Guide to learn more about how Girl Scouts get outside!