Get $50 for your troop by adding 5 girls!

Attention Troop Co-Leaders:

Encourage your girls to invite a friend to join your troop between November 14 and December 13, 2019 and receive a deposit of $50 to your troop account!

  • Register 5 or more new girls to your troop and receive $50!
  • The first 5 troops to add 5 or more girls will receive $100!

Steps to Troop Deposit:

  1. Ensure the new girls are registered in your Troop by December 13, 2019.
  2. To be eligible for the Troop deposit, complete the survey once 5 or more new girls register and join your Troop. Survey Link:
  3. An ACH form will be sent to you. Complete and return the document to GSWNY for processing of deposit.
  4. A transfer will be placed in your Troop Bank account.
  5. As an added bonus, each girl in your Troop will receive a Girl Scout Fun Patch for welcoming new friends.

**Volunteer Safety ratios as identified on page 47 of the Volunteer Essentials handbook must be followed to be deposit eligible.**

Questions? Contact Customer Care at 1-888-837-6410 or

Invite A Friend Campaign Q&A

What are the campaign dates? 

The Join A Friend Campaign runs from November 14th-December 13th

Do girls that have renewed in my troop count for the campaign? 

No, to be eligible all girls must be new to Girl Scouts. 

If a girl transfers to my troop does she count as new? 

No, troop transfers do not count as she is not a new Girl Scout.

If my troop adds 10 girls do we receive a double incentive? 

No, troops will received 1 Troop transfer for 5 or more girls. 

Is completion of the ACH form required to receive the Troop transfer of $50.00?

Yes, GSWNY must receive the document to ensure we are processing the transfer to the correct account.

Find the #GirlScoutCampLife that works for you

Camping with Girl Scouts of Western New York goes beyond the well-known day camp at Camp Piperwood and resident camps at Camp Timbercrest and Camp Seven Hills. We actually have four more ways to get girls and adults outside during the summer for camp.

Beyond the regular camp experiences for girls, we have Troop Camp Adventure, Specialty Programs Camping, Troop Camp, and Service Unit Camp Out Day Camp.

Troop Camp Adventure

Troop Camp Adventure is the perfect setting for leaders who want to take their girls troop camping without the responsibility of providing program, meals or having experienced/certified adults. At Camp Timbercrest we deliver all of that for you. All troop leaders have to provide is the necessary child to adult supervision ratio. You and your girls can participate in as much or as little programming as you choose.

S.P. Camping (Specialty Programs)

With S.P. camping, troops can now get the best of both worlds of troop camping and specialized programs such as ropes course, archery and boating. Troop leaders will have the freedom of troop camp with the comfort of knowing that pre-determined specialty program options and times have been scheduled for you and your girls. Leaders are expected to provide the necessary girl-to-adult supervision ratio and an adult with CPR/First Aid certification. Leaders are no longer required to have taken Troop Camp Training, but are required to comply with the Safety Activity Checkpoints for Camping (page 39 of the Safety Activity Checkpoints 2018, available at S.P. Camping will take place at Camp Seven Hills – Lakeside and Camp Piperwood only.

Troop Camp

Leaders can bring their girls to camp for a fun filled outdoor adventure. Whether you rent a lodge, cabin or tent unit the opportunities that await you are endless. With troop camp, leaders provide their own programs, meals, supplies and certified adults. Troop camping is available at Camp Windy Meadows and Camp Seven Hills – Lakeside during the summer months.

SUCO (Service Unit Camp Out) Day Camps

Service units can bring their girls and leaders to camp for a fun filled outdoor adventure day camp program. How you ask, by operating a SUCO (service unit camp out) event for a maximum of four days only. This is a great way to offer fun and engaging day camp activities to your girls. If you are interested in learning more about this fantastic opportunity to provide volunteer run mini day camp programs for your service unit please contact Janet DePetrillo, Director of Camp Administration for specific information. Service units can operate their mini day camp programs at Camp Windy Meadows and/or Camp Seven Hills – Lakeside or another approved off council camp site during the months of July-August 2019.

Visit our website to learn more and view the 2019 Camp Guide for Troop, SP, and SUCO Camp.