It’s not too late to sell cookies!

If your girl hasn’t renewed her membership yet, it’s not too late! Girls often tell us selling cookies is one of their favorite activities, and there’s still time to get on board for this year’s cookie sale!

How can she participate? 

  • With a troop.  Enjoy the fun of Girl Scout programming with a group.
  • On her own schedule.  Your daughter can participate as an Individually Registered Girl – we call them Juliettes – and do Girl Scouts her own way.  She can still sell cookies, attend camp, earn badges, and more.  Learn more about Juliettes here

*If your girl is currently active with a troop:  Head to your MYGS account and renew her membership!

*If your girl is looking for a new Girl Scout opportunity:  Visit our Opportunity Catalog through your MYGS account. 

  • Your email address is your log in.
  • Select “Add/Change Troop” under Membership and enter your zip code.

You’ll see the available troops in your area as well as the Individually Registered Girl option.

Only registered girls are able to sell cookies and earn incentives, so make sure your girl’s registration is current!

Contact us at 1-888-837-6410 or Customercare@gswny.org with any questions or if you need assistance getting your girl registered.


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