Adult Recognition Awards

Tenure and Years of Service: GSWNY Adult Recognition Award Monthly Highlight – September 2020

Every month this year we will be highlighting the different adult awards that Girl Scout volunteers can earn. To start things off we are going to focus on Years of Service and Tenure pins in September. These are an easy first step to recognizing volunteers. Tenure and Years of Service pins are given to recognize volunteers for the time they have been registered Girl Scout members, given in 5-year increments.

Volunteer Years of Service Pin
  • Tenure pins are given for the total years a person has a Girl Scout, including youth and adult years.
  • Years of Service pins recognize the number of years a person has been a Girl Scout volunteer.

Did you know GSWNY will gives out FREE pins for 15 years for Tenure, and 10 Years of Service? You just have to submit and complete the form for each award!

Tenure Pin

The nomination process for Years of Service and Tenure pins is easy as pie! You can request a pin for yourself or for a fellow volunteer in your Service Unit through our easy Survey Monkey form. You can also mail or email in a pin request by downloading a paper form, located on the Adult Recognition page of our website. Council acknowledges Awardees with more than 20 Years of Service and/or Tenure in print and with numeral guard at the Annual Recognition Event. All others years of commitment should be recognized within the Service Unit.

The greatest gift a person can give you is their time. The least we can do is formally thank one another and recognize each volunteer’s hard work and dedication. The Years of Service and Tenure Pins do just that – thank people for the time they have given to the Girl Scouts. Giving Years of Service and Tenure pins is a great way to kick off the Girl Scout year during a rededication or investiture ceremony.

Why is recognizing volunteers so important? Volunteers need to feel appreciated and know that they are having an impact on the community in which they serve. The result is volunteer retention! When volunteers feel appreciated and important, they are more likely to feel connected to the program and continue their involvement. There are several reasons to recognize and celebrate those involved in service: to highlight their achievements, to educate and inspire others, and simply to have fun!

For more information about the Years of Service and Tenure pins, and all other GSWNY adult awards, please read our Adult Awards and Recognitions Quick Guide or check out our Adult Recognition web page. You can always reach out to a member of the Volunteer Experience team for more information! Connect with us at Thank you for all that you do! We’re looking forward to a great Girl Scout year!

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