Only two weeks left in On-Time Renewal!

Photo taken in February 2020

Whatever the upcoming year has in store—she’ll get the tools she needs to learn new skills and grow now and in the future as Girl Scouts evolves to meet her needs. From home and online (and for as long as it’s needed), we’re here to help your girl reach her potential.

By renewing her membership and giving your girl another year in Girl Scouts, she will boost her confidence, improve her outdoor skills, and prepare her to be a champion for the environment—yes, even through virtual events!

Our membership year ends Wednesday, September 30, which means our On-Time Renewal campaign is ending in just two weeks. That means only 14 days left to qualify for our amazing incentives, include gift cards, troop incentives, and SAGE Tuition Rewards Points.


Every Wednesday (only THREE left!), we’re giving away two $50 gift cards for either Target or Amazon – one for renewed girls and one for renewed co-leaders. On top of that, you have another chance to win one of two $300 gift cards – one for renewed girls and one for renewed co-leaders. All you have to do is renew today!

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