Grow Your Girl Crew: Invite girls to join Girl Scouts and win prizes!

Referral form for members: https://bit.ly/growyourcrew2020

Now more than ever, you need friends to share and create memories with, through in-person and virtual events. We challenge YOU to get out there and Grow Your Girl Crew because what’s better than making new friends?

Invite your friends, classmates, teammates, club mates, and every girl in between to join Girl Scouts now through January 31, 2021. And you know the cool part? Not only can they get to be a part of the Girl Scouting fun, there are prizes for you, too! (keep scrolling to see what they are!)

Follow these three steps:

  1. Invite girls you know in Western New York to join Girl Scouts! (we know you may have friends and family around the country, but this is all about building your local crew)
  2. Fill out this form to tell us who you invited to join.
  3. Win prizes when they join Girl Scouts! (prizes pictured below)

It’s that simple – tell your other girls about Girl Scouts, let us know who you invited, and then when they join, you get prizes? What are they, exactly? Keep reading!

We have three tiers of prizes you can win, as well as prizes for the two girls who have the most new girls join!

Tier 1: Refer one girl who joins

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch and 2021 trefoil charm for the patch

Tier 2: Refer three girls who join

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch, 2021 trefoil charm, heart charm, and your choice of a large bow OR bucket hat

Tier 3: Refer five girls who join

Receive a Grow Your Girl Crew patch, 2021 trefoil charm, heart charm, rainbow charm, your choice of a large bow OR bucket hat, and a GSWNY crewneck sweatshirt

BONUS: The top 2 girls who refer and have the most girls join will win their choice of Air Pods or a $100 gift card

Adults, we have a prize for you, too! Refer one person who joins as an adult volunteer and you’ll receive a GSWNY crewneck sweatshirt and they’ll get a GSWNY mask. Fill out the same form for girls to enter today.

Reminder: All girls and adults must join Girl Scouts in Western New York in order for you to qualify for the prizes.

You can enter up to five names at a time using the form. If you invite more friends, simply fill out the form again. Have you told someone to register for Girl Scouts? We will check the names regularly to see if they have joined, and if they do, you qualify for great prizes!

Questions? Reach out to us any time at 1-888-837-6410 or join.us@gswny.org

Member Prizes

This patch with the trefoil charm will be sent to all girls who have at least one friend they invite join Girl Scouts! The heart charm will be sent in addition to the patch and trefoil if you invite three people who join, and the rainbow charm will be sent with the other two charms and patch if you invite five girls who join. 

If you invite three girls and the join Girl Scouts, you have your choice of a GSWNY bucket hat or a large bow.

If five girls you invite join Girl Scouts, you get a GSWNY crewneck. Adults, you receive a crewneck if someone you invite registers as an adult volunteer. 

The top 2 (two) girls who invite the most friends who join will either win a pair of Air Pods or $100 gift card (their choice).

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