Holiday activities for your family

It’s undeniable 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, but that doesn’t mean it needs to dampen our holiday spirit. Even though they make look different this year, the holidays are still a perfect opportunity to spend time with your family and spread cheer to others.

Here are some ideas for your family to enjoy the season while remaining safe and healthy:

Share family memories and traditions over Zoom

You may not be gathering in person, but you can still reminisce about years past and annual traditions with your extended family. Schedule a time to gather together virtually and consider playing games or making similar snacks to bring you all together in spirit.

Make homemade gifts and cards together

Whether you’re making cards to send to friends and family or baking cookies to package for your delivery people, there are so many ways to create handmade presents that leave hearts aglow. Even better, there’s an option for every skill and age level! It doesn’t matter if your family are craft masters or just entering the world of DIY, there are options for you.

Drive around and look at the Christmas lights

Whether it’s an official display or enthusiastic neighbors, there are likely ways to enjoy the holiday nights in your neighborhood. Load up your car, put on some of your favorite holiday tunes, and enjoy the twinkling displays.

Find ways to give back

Even if you can’t volunteer in person, there are many ways to give back to others this holiday season. Consider donating old toys and clothes to local organizations, purchasing meals for a food pantry, sending cards to a nursing home, and making monetary donations to charity.

Do random acts of kindness together

Spread your cheer to the world around you by engaging your family with small acts of kindness. Pay for the food or beverages of the people behind you, hold the door, and let a person or car go ahead of you. In a season that can be busy and stressful, your family can focus on bringing some light to someone else.

Bake together

Baking is another activity that can be very simple or complex, depending on where you fall. You can make sugar cookies from scratch or purchase ready-to-bake dough from the store and then spend time as a family decorating. Not only is this wonderful time together, you get a delicious treat at the end.

What traditions does your family have? Send your stories and photos to communications@gswny.org!

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