Adult Recognition Awards

Green Angel: GSWNY Adult Recognition Award Monthly Highlight – March 2021

In the month of March as we celebrate the Girl Scouts birthday we will focus on what is quite possibly the easiest adult award that can be given – the Green Angel Award!

Green Angel Awards can be given as a pin, patch, or certificate. There is no paperwork involved. This is a nice, semi-formal way to say thank you to a volunteer or adult who has provided a great service to Girl Scouts. The Green Angel can be awarded to troop co-leaders, committee members, troop parents, and more! This award is given as a thank you in recognition of a short or long-term service to a troop or Service Unit. For example, a troop was camping and the co-leaders forgot to pack their s’mores supplies. A co-leader called a troop parent who went to the store, purchased the supplies, and drove them all the way out to Camp Seven Hills! You could give the parent a Green Angel pin as an official way to show gratitude. 

Green Angel Awards may be presented by a Troop Leader or the Service Unit Adult Recognition Committee. No paperwork or nomination form is necessary! Pins and patches may be purchased any GSWNY shop; the certificate can be downloaded and printed from the GSWNY forms library. First a person may earn the certificate, then the patch, then the pin. For more information about this awards and all other GSWNY adult awards, please read our Adult Awards and Recognitions Quick Guide or check out our Adult Recognition web page.

Considering giving some Green Angel Awards at a Service Unit Recognition Event. Review the last page of our Quick Guide and our volunteer appreciation bullseye to learn more about hosting a year-end volunteer appreciation event. The event can be as formal or relaxed as you’d like. It can be a fun potluck or a formal Court of Awards. The most important part is ensuring volunteers feel appreciated! You can always reach out to a member of the Volunteer Experience team for more ideas! Email us at Thank you!

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