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My Woman Role Model: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, by Lexi from Troop 34682

This year, one of the ways we celebrated Women’s History Month was by running a contest and asking our members to tell us about the women they view as role models. Our winner is Lexi D., age 9, from Troop 34682. Her submission is shown below, as well as a transcription of what she wrote.

My Woman Role Model: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth was the first woman to be in the Supreme Court. She was raised by her mother Stella Ginsberg. She taught Ruth to stand up for her rights. Sadly Stella died from cancer when Ruth was only in college.

Years later Ruth met someone named Marty. They both wanted to be lawyers. Ruth and Marty married a few years later and had a child. Ruth went off to lawyer school and became top of her class.

A few years later Ruth was a lawyer. Many days later it was her first day of being a lawyer. She wore her mother’s outfit. Ruth nailed it fourteen years later. Ruth got a call. She was a judge!

How she influenced me

Ruth influenced me because she amazes me how she follows her dream and went through the obstacles of men telling her she can’t do it and becoming a judge even if she had to take care of her child and do all her work till three in the morning. She is an amazing role model.”

Note: Lexi’s submission was only edited for spelling. Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court, but that doesn’t take away from the amazing life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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