Volunteer Appreciation

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month 2022!

Thank you to all of our fabulous Girl Scout Volunteers! Every April we celebrate our amazing volunteers. We hope you know how much we value the time, commitment, and passion you bring to our organization.

Girl Scouts is a volunteer led organization, so truly we could not do this without you! Because of you, our girls SHINE!  Girls get to go outdoors, become cookie entrepreneurs, build cars and roller coasters, and explore the world around them.

Volunteers, make sure you take some time for yourself this month. Last year we shared some great self-care tips. Think about what you can do to show appreciation towards yourself this month. We know this has been a long year, so please take a moment to rest and relax!

Once you’re nice and rested, think about how you can show appreciation to the fellow volunteers in your life. Write a thank you card, shout them out on social media or at your Service Unit meeting, or do a random act of kindness, like offering to pay for their coffee. Check out our blog post “The Five Languages of Appreciation” for more ideas!

Finally, make sure you’re following GSWNY all month long as we have lots of fun celebrating volunteers! Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month!!

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