Be Yourself – GSWNY Influencer Series 02 – Dr. Callie Johnson

What was your journey to being your authentic self?

My journey to being my authentic self has been and continues to be paved with a series of self-talk conversations where I reaffirm my value and worth in whatever occasion I might have self-doubt.

What are some ways to be yourself?

Some ways to be yourself, would be to set goals for what being yourself means, learn how to balance who you are at your core as you gain new knowledge about life, and don’t be afraid to establish standards for yourself which can help define who you are. 

What are some challenges someone may face by being their authentic self?

Some challenges that someone may face by being their authentic self is rejection or isolation because not all people have the courage or latitude to be authentic and when you are comfortable in your own skin and others are not, it may create tension.

How were you able to be yourself in the face of adversity?

A way that you can be yourself in the face of adversity is establish a list of things that you will not do and lines that you refuse to cross when faced with tough situations. It’s easier said than done but it will be worth keeping those commitments to yourself when faced with challenges.

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