Be Yourself – GSWNY Influencer Series 04 – Trina Burruss

What was your journey to being your authentic self? 

It was hard fought. I always thought of myself as being shy, which held me back and altered the way I contributed to the rooms I was in. Eventually, I took a personality test and discovered I wasn’t shy, but introverted. That gave me the tools and understanding of what was part of my natural design. It took lots of practice, but never again did someone else articulate a solution that I had come up long before. Since then I have grown in my career and have become generally more comfortable in my skin.       

What are some ways to be yourself? 

First, you have to remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. There is literally no one else like you! Think about that, remember it and affirm it daily. Lean into the people, places and things you love, so you can practice being yourself in safe places. Next unleash your individuality into the world with confidence!     

What are some challenges someone may face by being their authentic self? 

It’s generally difficult to be unapologetic. I think it’s a woman’s natural instinct to focus on the views of others from the way we look to our general presence in the world. Our assignment in life is not for the faint at heart. However, we need to silence that voice that speaks from an “imposter” tone.        

How were you able to be yourself in the face of adversity? 

For me it’s about my circle. The people that affirm me and challenge me to be myself. They also provide authentic non-judgemental words of wisdom when I need it. That allows me to continue to do the things that I know I am called to do. There are many things our world needs to help people have the basic necessities. As such, the stakes are too high for me not to be myself as I try to help move my community forward. After all, who else is going to do it? There is literally no one else like me!   

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