COVID-19 Update 3-19-2020

Hello Girl Scout members,

I hope that each of you are well, and transitioning to our quickly evolving temporary new normal.  I want to acknowledge that we know this is an incredibly challenging time for you and your families. 
This is an unprecedented time, and we are working hard to communicate with you and to be here for all of our Girl Scout members.
This first week has been focused on our transition, immediate needs and getting organized, as I imagine you are all doing the same.  Starting next week, we are working to get back to providing program outlets for you and your girls.  We know our girls need developmental opportunities, and our world needs Girl Scouts more than ever.  As Girl Scouts we are uniquely positioned to make a difference in our communities.

We are Girl Scouts and we will persevere!

We promised you another communication following our volunteer webinar with additional resources.  Please read below for some helpful information for navigating this transition with the girls in your life, some engaging programs and the links to last night’s webinars.  We are working on more virtual resources for programs and we have some initial ones here for you if you need.

1. Please keep checking our COVID-19 updates at: www.gswny.org.
We will share any news about Girl Scout programs and other needed info. Earlier this week we shared news about one of our volunteers testing positive for COVID-19.  As we mentioned, the health department said she was recovering nicely and please hold her in your thoughts and prayers.  We continue to work with the health department and will be updating that section on our website with any additional information for your health and safety.  This is a correction to our 3-17-20 evening update: COVID-19 Update 3-17-20 (Corrected) 3-19-20 through verification with Health Department. 

We also have posted another update with that same information and some more resources: 3-19-2020 GSWNY Volunteer & Family Update
2. National Volunteer Resources:

3. Girl Scouts are girl experts, and we are fortunate to have national resources to help you guide your girls through this rapidly changing time. Please see the Raising Awesome Girls articles below.

4. Volunteer Webinar Links: 
Please refer back to our earlier communication about GS suspension of in-person activities.  This webinar has all tentative dates and we will keep re-evaluating as we go based on new information.

5. Programs:
Next week we will be launching new digital resources including a new special Facebook Live series, Trefoil TV daily at 3:12 pm that will also be recorded.  The first two editions will feature our Chief Outdoor and Property Manager, Karen Lundgard leading you in a virtual hike at camp, and our CEO, Alison Wilcox, with a patch program for girls that you can work on at home. 

6. Camp Songs:

And you can check out even more on our Camp Songs YouTube channel!

7. This is also an additional virtual K-5 Journey that you can do from the Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas in the meantime:

Starting next week we will have our Customer Care Line open for phone calls daily from 9:00 am – 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm M-Th, and Fridays 9:00 am – 11:00 am.  You can also reach us through email, and if there is ever an emergency please call our 1-888-837-6410.

Thank you for all you do!

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Alison Wilcox
CEO, Girl Scouts of Western New York

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