More Ideas For Volunteer Appreciation Month

We’re partway into Volunteer Appreciation Month, and that makes it a great time to keep up the thanks! Remember, every volunteer is a vital, valuable member of Girl Scouts and we want to show thanks to everyone who helps build girls of courage, confidence, and character in whatever way they can!

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to fun, creative ways to tell someone thank you. It’s a great time to make something and then hold onto it until you see them again!

This is just a sample of what’s on our Pinterest board. Can you tell how much we love puns?

Not the crafty type? That’s okay, too! A handwritten note saying thanks and even outlining a couple of examples of when the person went above and beyond are perfect. How exciting is it to get a personally written note from someone?!

We really like these general tips from Hallmark about how to write a thank you note. This is a great opportunity for your Girl Scout(s) to practice this skill since thanking people genuinely and sincerely is a powerful tool to carry into adulthood. Even just getting Daisies into the habit of making some sort of thank you (drawings are as beloved as written messages) can be a fun way to get them on board with showing appreciation to people that matter to them.

Have you ever made a cool thank you gift for someone? We’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment and tell us about your awesome project!

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