Important COVID-19 Update 11-18-2020

Dear Girl Scout Members,

Today, Erie County was placed into the orange zone with school closings beginning Monday, November 23.

As we communicated with members yesterday, any county placed into the orange or red zone will need to suspend in-person Girl Scout programs and meetings. 

All Girl Scout in-person programs and meetings in Erie County will be suspended in line with school guidelines, beginning Monday 11-23-20 until further notice.  This includes girls and adults residing in Erie county, and any in-person program or meeting taking place in Erie County.

Parts of Niagara County were placed into the yellow zone today. GSWNY in-person activities are already following yellow zone guidelines effective 11-10-20 so there is no additional change.

Please see the guidelines and  FAQs, released 11/17/20 that have further details about the yellow, orange and red zone restrictions and how they affect Girl Scout programming.

The health and safety of our girls, volunteers, families, and staff are of the utmost importance. We know girls may be disappointed about in-person programs being suspended. There are many ways to participate in Girl Scouts from home including virtual and at-home meetings and activities, badge in the box, etc. 

If we can be of any assistance to help volunteers and girls switch to at-home activities, please contact Customer Care customercare@gswny.org or call 1-888-837-6410.

Thank you for all that you do to follow the safety guidelines.

Alison Wilcox
CEO, Girl Scouts of Western New York

COVID-19 Related Update from Member Essentials 11/17/20 

Dear GSWNY Members,
The safety of our members is our first priority and given COVID-19 that means following GSWNY’s Updated 11-17-20  safety guidelines and FAQs , washing hands, wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home when needed.

NYS is following a microcluster strategy which means regions within NY may be placed in a yellow, orange, or red zone if they have a high number of COVID-19 cases. Currently, Erie and Monroe counties have been placed in the yellow zone. GSWNY applied the yellow zone restrictions across all 9 county areas last week and will continue for the time being. This affected GSWNY’s gathering size only, and changed from a maximum of 50 people permitted to 25.

Girl Scouts strive to always be prepared. If any county is placed in the orange or red zone, that county will need to suspend in-person programming per NYS guidelines. Orange or red zone restrictions will be handled county by county, and will not be applied across the council, unless NYS advises otherwise.

We recommend you to be ready for the possibility that Erie County will be placed into the orange or red zone. It is also possible that any county could be placed into one of these zones in the future depending on COVID-19 rates.

As a reminder, GSWNY will give full refunds for any in-person program or property rental for GSWNY events, activities, and properties

Curbside retail and product program delivery will still be permitted in the orange zone. Troop leaders and volunteers may still arrange contact-less delivery and pick up of supplies with families in the orange zone. We do not yet have enough information to determine additional impacts of the red zone and are monitoring guidance from NYS. 

In-person programs and events can be a wonderful outlet for our girls when permitted by NYS, however, they are always optional. There are many ways to participate in GS at home with virtual meetings, badge in a box, and at-home activities. At-home is the safest option. Always follow your own comfort level, and if you participate in person, please follow all safety guidelines to reduce the risk.

If a county is placed in an orange or red zone, and we need to suspend in-person programs, GSWNY will notify all members by email, on our social media pages, update our blog, and website. 

Please see the important announcements below and for questions, please contact Customer Care customercare@gswny.org or call 1-888-837-6410. In an emergency, please call 1-800-882-9268.

Again, please see our updated COVID-19 guidance with  updated FAQs.

Thank you for your flexibility and your dedication to ensuring safety standards.

Be safe and stay well. 

Alison Wilcox
CEO, Girl Scouts of Western New York

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care at 1-888-837-6410 or customercare@gswny.org.

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