New for GSWNY Members on Facebook!

We’re pleased to announce an exciting new change happening TODAY!

To provide an improved customer service experience for our members on the GSWNY Facebook page, we’ve made some updates. In addition, to viewing great content on the GSWNY main Facebook page, GSWNY members will now also have a special place to collaborate and receive helpful information through our private GSWNY members-only group! This group will help to foster greater collaboration and information sharing for members.

The main GSWNY Facebook page will serve more as an outward facing welcome mat to invite the public to Girl Scouts. The GSWNY members-only group will serve as a private inward facing space with content catered specifically for GSWNY members to use and also collaborate with other members.

Please note that you will still be a part of the main GSWNY Facebook page; however, anyone who has not joined the GSWNY members-only group will not be able to see the content inside it. This is a special members-only space to work together across the council, so please feel free to post and share YOUR ideas, resources, and questions with each other and council in alignment with the rules.

Five Q&A’s To Know:

Q1: Why is GSWNY making a separate members-only Facebook Group?

A1: We want to provide an improved internal and external customer service experience on Facebook by creating a special group for current members to share and receive helpful information and by forming a more public-facing space to invite those who may want to know more about Girl Scouts using relevant terminology. Currently, the main Facebook page is filled with content that pertains to members with events and terminology that mainly only members would know about. Also, based on Facebook’s changing features, it may or may not allow you to share and collaborate with other members on the main page.

Q2: How do I join the Facebook group and will I still be a part of the main Facebook page?

A2: Members can join the members-only group by clicking here, answering two simple verification questions, and then please review the rules in the about section of the page to begin. Yes, you will still be part of the main GSWNY Facebook page and we encourage you to like and share content. We want your continued help in spreading ways for non-members to interact or join. Members are encouraged to share recruitment content with friends and family who aren’t Girl Scouts yet!

Q3: What special features will the members-only group have?

A3: The private members-only group will allow you to collaborate in new ways with the ability to share and learn about what other members are doing. You can also get important announcements and enjoy special members-only contests with prizes. The page will also allow you to find content using special tags that mark posts by topic to help sort the information even further, such as #NewLeader, #Question, #Cookies, #Renewal, etc.

Q4: What type of information can I expect to see on the GSWNY main page vs. the members-only group?


Page (public facing)Group (private for members)
2021 Gold Award announcements and storiesHow to find and submit Gold Award paperwork
How to buy Girl Scout cookiesGirl and troop cookie recognition rewards
How to join Girl Scouts and/or try an eventUpcoming programs for current members
Thank yous for volunteersResources for volunteers

Q5: How will the content transition?

A5: For a little while you will see double-posting of some content on the main page and group. This may seem a little redundant, but we want to make a carefully paced transition before we completely separate the posts. After April, you will start to see the member-oriented content almost exclusively in the group. Throughout the year at certain points, you will see reminder posts on the main page that the group exists and notifications in Member Essentials. 

We want to know…

Since this is going to be a new venture for us, we want to know your feedback. If you think there’s a way to improve the group or page, we’d love to hear it. If you have any feedback about the page or group, please email customercare@gswny.org, post in the group, or send us a private message on the page.

Please note that the GSWNY Facebook page and group will continue to be operated and monitored by the GSWNY Marketing & Communications team. For some questions/feedback, you may still be directed to Customer Care to receive an answer or assistance. The Customer Care team is still the primary team to respond to customer needs at: customercare@gswny.org or 1-888-837-6410. Thank you.

Come join our GSWNY Members Group!

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