Be Yourself – GSWNY Influencer Series 09 – Tamaira Coleman

What was your journey to being your authentic self?

When I was younger, I was bullied for being short, so I’d often conform to the crowd just to be accepted.  Since then,  I have learned to honor myself, my values and my goals even when it seems unpopular.  Being true to myself has provided opportunities and friendships that are best aligned with who I am and what I want for my life.

What are some ways to be yourself?

Stand up for yourself and the people and beliefs you value.  Surround yourself with the people, places and things that bring the most joy to your heart.  Show up as YOU everywhere you go.

What are some challenges someone may face by being their authentic self?

When you are being your authentic self, there will be some who disagree with your stance.  It can be uncomfortable and intimidating at first, but the more you commit to showing up as YOU in every room you walk into, the better you will become at not allowing the opinions of others dim your light.

How were you able to be yourself in the face of adversity?

My faith has given me the strength to stand strong during tough times. What I know for sure is that when you are being your authentic self, you will not stand alone for long.  Others who share your values and vision will see your light and join you on your journey. 

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