Member Essentials

Member Essentials – 4/27/21

Dear GSWNY Members,

As summer approaches and NYS continues to update COVID-19 restrictions, GSWNY continues to review and revise our COVID-19 guidelines. Please review the updated COVID-19 guidelines and FAQs for in-person meetings and activities as we have made updates to the travel and overnight stay guidelines.

Updated COVID-19 guidelines | Updated FAQs

As a reminder, we thank you for continuing to follow all safety guidelines for in-person activities, including staying home when sick, wearing masks, social distancing and adhering to cleaning guidelines. The safety of our members is our #1 priority.

Please see the important announcements below and for questions, please contact Customer Care or call 1-888-837-6410. In an emergency, please call 1-800-882-9268.

Thank you for all you do!

It’s the last week of Ultimate Spring Renewal!

Girls and co-leaders can earn the GS Lunch Sack if they renew by 11:59 pm THIS FRIDAY, April 30, plus girls can earn the Renewal patch. Troops that renew 90% of their girls + 2 co-leaders by 4/30 will earn a $20 GSWNY credit for program, shop or property reservations. Renew today!

Pop-up drawing for Becoming books!

We are giving away 10 copies of Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers! All girls registered for the event by 4/30 11:59 pm will be entered into the drawing. You must be renewed for the 2022 year in order to register for the event. You can find instructions on our Renewal page to renew your membership + register for the event, as well as how to register for the event if you have already renewed.


Pop-up drawing for Becoming books!

We are giving away 10 copies of Becoming: Adapted for Young Readers! All girls registered for the event by 4/30 11:59 pm will be entered into the drawing. You must be renewed for the 2022 year in order to register for the event. You can find instructions on our Renewal page to renew your membership + register for the event, as well as how to register for the event if you have already renewed.

Lifetime Members + Renewal

Lifetime Members who are leaders or SUMs must renew their positions by incentive deadlines in order to qualify.  Lifetime Members do not automatically qualify for any renewal incentives (except “Adult” incentive) – their positions must be renewed for 2022 in order to earn.  If you need assistance to renew your position, please contact or 888-837-6410.

Earn Points for College Scholarships From Girl Scouts of Western New YorkRenew by 5/31

This is an exclusive benefit for girls, co-leaders, and SUMs who participate in our annual Girl Scout Membership Spring Renewal Campaign and renew by 5/31. After their first year of Girl Scouts, girls, co-leaders, and SUMs can earn Tuition Reward Points when they renew their Girl Scout membership. Each 1 Point equals $1 in college tuition scholarship. Girls earn 2,500 Points and co-leaders/SUMs earn 3,500 Points. Points will be applied to SAGE Scholars accounts in July. Want more information? Visit our SAGE Scholars Page.

Self-care beyond sugar scrubs

Self-care has been a popular phrase thrown around this past year as we have faced more societal and personal hurdles than ever before. More and more, people are beginning to see the value of putting yourself first and the value of caring for yourself as much as you care for others


Have you visited the Troop Leader Blueprint?

Keep your troop going strong with these specially adapted badges, Journeys, and activities for virtual and safe in-person meetings, as well as current COVID-19 guidelines and resources. We’re here to support you as you help your troop thrive.


To submit your own Volunteer Spotlight, please fill out this form:

Summer Camp 2021

This week (April 30) we will make our official announcement about resident camp and previously we let you know that day camp is happening! Check out this video to learn more about Camp Piperwood and get a head start and register for Summer Camp 2021 today!


Camp Service Days

Want to go outside? We’re looking for some help to get our Camp Properties ready for the season. Troops who participate will receive an outdoor service fun patch! Some of our needs include: sweeping out tents, wiping down beds, raking out fire-pits, cleaning dining areas, trail work and more. If you are available, please fill out our interest form. We hope to see you out at camp soon!


Proposed All-Girls Rochester Charter School Focuses on the STEAM Disciplines to Create Leaders of Tomorrow

Innova Girls Academy has partnered with the Girl Scouts of Western New York to propose the first “Girl Scouts Academy” in New York State. All girls who attend Innova Girls Academy Charter School will receive high quality Girl Scouts programming focused on STEAM and Leadership on a daily basis in their academic courses. With over 100 years of empowering young women through all-girls programming, Girl Scouts of Western New York will support the Innova vision of positioning Rochester’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Innova Girls Academy is hosting a virtual public hearing on April 29th at 6pm via their Facebook page. Interested community members can learn more about the school while asking questions and providing feedback online. The founding group seeks to develop a program that authentically reflects the strengths and needs of the Rochester community. 

For more information about Innova Girls Academy, visit

Retail Item of the Week: GSWNY Merchandise

Today we will share a few items from our GWNY Merchandise collection:

  • Luggage Tags in green or purple (Original price $5 Spring Sale price $2.99)
  • Socks to keep your feet warm in classic green/navy or cookie style (Original price $14 Spring Sale price $8.99),
  • Wristlet in green or gold (Original price $15 Spring Sale price $6.99)
  • Buff (Original price $7 Spring Sale price $3.99) This buff is a piece of multifunctional headwear! You can wear it many different ways! Dip it in water on a hike to stay cool, or pull it over your mouth/nose to wear as a convenient quick face mask

Email your local Girl Scout Shop to order today!

Girl Scout Shops – Time for a Spring Sale!

The shops are having a GSWNY April Spring Sale, we will feature several items throughout the entire month and feature a select few each week. 

Email us at,, & to learn all about these items or come check them out in person! Our shops are open Monday 1:00-4:00 pm for curbside pickup only, Wednesday 2:00-6:00 pm curbside pickup & in-person shopping and Friday 1:00-4:00 pm curbside pickup & in-person shopping during the months of April & May!

For in-person shopping we do recommend if you have a large shop order to please email them to us a few days before your visit allowing us time to have it ready and you still have plenty time to look around.

P.S.: The Lockport Shop will be OPEN for a special occasion on Saturday, April 24th from 12:00-3:00 pm. Come visit us! 

The New York State Office of Children and Families (OCFS) is accepting applications from Chautauqua County youth who want to serve on the New York State Youth Council

The Youth Council increases participatory democracy by involving 62 young people – one youth from each county – to advise Governor Cuomo and state and local policy makers on key issues facing young people and on outreach and communication strategies.

The Youth Council will provide policy recommendations on the following issues:

  • Influence of Positive Role Models and Mentors
  • Mental Health Challenges on Youth
  • Substance Use and Prevention
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gender based Violence Prevention and Response
  • Creating Positive Interactions between Youth and Law Enforcement
  • Youth Programming in a Virtual World
  • Youth Voice & Engagement: Creating Opportunities
  • Addressing Identity and Community Needs

The Youth Council will be run by youth, ages 13 to 21, who will develop its organizational structure and prioritize key issues and its members will gain hands-on experience in the democratic process.  Once a Chautauqua County youth is selected, the Youth Council will provide an orientation and training and will then work within the regional team to focus on specific policy issues.

Interested youth must submit an application through the online portal, which includes an essay, video and letters of recommendation. Candidates will be selected based on their character, leadership skills, academic achievement, and civic engagement and community services.


TECH SAVVY 16 is VIRTUAL this year!
Saturday, June 26, 2021 

Conference registration is $10 per attendee and includes materials for workshops (books, experiment materials) and T-shirt. Materials will be mailed to attendees’ address.

You can register using the link below, and click here for the day’s schedule and here for the workshop descriptions.


Have you joined our new group?

We recently created a Facebook Group just for you! Our new GSWNY Members group is designed with you in mind where we share important updates for members and invite you to collaborate with others! If you have a question about Higher Awards, where to take your girls on a hike, a STEM journey, Girl Scout Cookies, and everything in between, ask for input from other volunteers and members. Learn more about the group and use the button below to Join Today.


Girl Scouting at Home

Looking for ways to stay involved with Girl Scouts? Check out our Girl Scouting at Home page today! New resources are added regularly. 

New Daisy Badge in a Box: Daisy Roller Coaster Design Challenge

Become a mechanical engineer and learn about motion by building and testing a roller coaster! Cost: $6

Grant funds are available for some areas of our Council reducing the cost of this box down to $3.00. If there is not a grant available in your area, members can apply for Council Opportunity Funds.

There are a limited number of boxes available for curbside pick-up at the Buffalo, Rochester, Lockport, and Jamestown Service Centers and shipping for an additional cost per box. Click here to order your Badge in a Box.

Looking for more options? Head to for even more at-home opportunities for your Girl Scout.

Girl Scouts Doing Good Things

Troops 30510, 30719, and 30715 were able to send all their donated cookie packages to a dad/uncle of 2 members of their Girl Scout troop (dad to a Daisy, uncle of a Junior).

We are #GirlScoutStrong! Looking forward to talking to you next Tuesday! In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Customer Care or call 1-888-837-6410. In an emergency, please call 1-800-882-9268.

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