Adult Recognition Awards

Green Angel: GSWNY Adult Recognition Award Monthly Highlight – May 2021

To wrap up our year of highlight the various GSWNY Adult Recognitions, we are circling back to the Green Angel Award! The Green Angel Award is one of the easiest ways to show thanks to the adults in your Girl Scout community. This month we encourage you to think about who has been the “green angel” in your life this year. A parent could give this award as thanks to their daughter’s co-leaders, one co-leader could give it to another, or a co-leader could give it to their Service Unit Manager as a show of thanks for all their hard work and dedication.

The Green Angel Award can be given as a pin, patch, or certificate. There is no paperwork involved! This is a nice, semi-formal way to say thank you to a volunteer or adult who has provided a great service to Girl Scouts. This award is given as a thank you in recognition of a short or long-term service to a troop or Service Unit. Pins and patches may be purchased any GSWNY shop; the certificate can be downloaded and printed from the GSWNY forms library.

The driving factors that lead people to volunteer their time include the fact organization (GSWNY) is a part of their family’s values and traditions; people volunteer to socialize with existing friends, and develop new connection; and people step up to volunteer as a response to a specific concern or they see need in their community. The greatest gift a person can give you is their time. The least we can is show thanks to one another. The Green Angel award is a great way to show thanks!

For more information about this award and all other GSWNY adult awards, please read our Adult Awards and Recognitions Quick Guide or check out our Adult Recognition web page. Reach out to a member of the Volunteer Experience team for more information by emailing us at We hope you’ve enjoyed our monthly adult awards highlights. As always, thank you for all that you do! Enjoy your Spring and Summer!

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