4 Easy Ways to Get Started with the Fall Product Program

There’s still time! Your Girl Scout hasn’t missed her chance to earn the patches, including her own personalized patch that everyone’s buzzing about. If you haven’t participated online yet, follow the steps below to get started today!

1. Go to gsnutsandmags.com/gswny and follow the prompts to set up a M2 account with your Girl Scout. You’ll need to have your 5-digit troop number ready to help you set up an account. Girls can only have one M2 account, so please do not create more than one!

Example of personalized patch

2. Help your Girl Scout create her own personalized storefront and avatar. Creating an avatar is fun and easy. You will also have the option to upload message or sales pitch for friends and family to see. This step is optional, but has been proven to increase sales. Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn their very own avatar patch with their customized avatar they create! Send emails to earn this patch! Girls who send at least 18 emails through M2 have 148% higher sales than girls who don’t (stats provided by M2).

Girls must complete the following to earn the Fall Personalized Patch:

  • Create their own personalized avatar
  • Send 18+ emails through M2
  • Have at least $250 in total sales (including nuts, candy, magazines and/or Gift of Caring).
  • This patch will be mailed directly to the girl’s home, so be sure to enter her mailing address into M2. As each patch is unique and personalized, these patches will ship 6-8 weeks after earning.

3. Once you have sent your emails, you can also share your storefront on social media. Customers can choose the “Direct Ship” option, purchase from a full assortment of Girl Scout products and gift items or magazines, and pay with a credit card. These items will be directly sent to the customer, with no money to collect or product to deliver.

  • Customers can also choose the “Girl Delivery” option. These items will also be paid for online, and then delivered by the Girl Scout who received the order. No money should be collected for any online orders.
  • If the customer chooses “Direct Ship,” they have access to all items available online.
  • If the customer chooses “Girl Delivered,” they will only get to choose from the 16 options that are on the order card.

4. Girls can also choose to take orders using the traditional paper order card. You will be able to enter these order totals directly into her M2 storefront through October 30.

  • Log into your Girl Scout’s M2 account – gsnutsandmags.com/gswny
  • From your Campaign page, click the “Manage Paper Orders” icon.
  • Enter the total number of items ordered for each product type.
  • Confirm that the TOTAL matches your order card.
  • Click “Update” to save your orders.
  • Hold on to your paper order card so you can deliver the product and collect payment.

It’s that simple! If you have any questions, contact Customer Care at 1-888-837-6410 or customercare@gswny.org. Head to gswny.org/fppresources for more information and resources today!

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