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Family Newsletter – March 2022

Cookie Program Optional Extension Update In an effort to continue our promise to remain transparent, we would like to share our latest update. Based on feedback from our members, and due to the production delays, shortages and short-shipped deliveries from our baker, ABC Bakers, we have decided to […]

Family Newsletter – Jan. 2022

Why tolerance isn’t working In a world where divisive language is seemingly everywhere, and arguments over who “belongs” and who doesn’t seem pointedly heated, there are a lot of people talking about the importance of teaching our children “tolerance.” And while those intentions are definitely a step in […]

Family Newsletter – Nov. 2021

Remote Schooling Meant Less Bullying. What Now? It’s no secret that a lot of kids didn’t love fully remote schooling. They missed their friends, school-based activities like sports and prom, and the independence of having a space in the world separate from their families. They had zoom fatigue […]

Family Newsletter – Oct. 2021

Teach Your Kids it’s OK to Not Be OK “Never give up.” “Quitters never win.” “Just push through it.” So many of us were raised with these well-meaning sentiments. Often framed as messages of inspiration and resilience, they overlook the fact that sometimes the strongest and most courageous […]